Track real-time streams
Beat is a distributed system that tracks and processes real-time feeds. Results are stored in in-memory data-stores. This release includes a stock-framework that's useful for ad agencies to track social chatter. Drop us a note to customize it to your needs!
Machine-learning enabled
Beat includes the "QuaintCore" library that provides various abstractions for machine learning and natural language processing tasks. In this release, we have included a sentiment classifier trained on several publicly available datasets.
Social Firehose Support
In this release of Beat, we have provided the necessary framework to track twitter data in real-time. Support to your other favourite data sources will follow shortly. Help us prioritize: drop us a note to let us know what's useful to you
Competitive quality and cost
We present Beat to you at a competitive cost whilst striving to maintain high quality of development and design.



You can use an off-the-shelf implementation or have us custom-deploy it for your needs.

Twitter Tracker
Track topics on twitter in real-time.
Rs. 9,990

/ Month onwards *

Sampled firehose
Real-time tracking
Sentiment analysis
Time-series analysis
E-mail support
Custom Tracker
Integrate your own info streams.
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Real-time tracking
Time-series analysis
Descriptive statistics
Prescriptive/Predictive modules
Dedicated deployment
Email, Phone/Skype support

* Price depends on the number of topics tracked, anticipated traffic, and infrastructure requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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